Warrant Information

What to do if you have a Warrant

Florida WarrantsIf you knowingly have a warrant or not sure if you have one or not, we can help. Going through a Florida Bail Bondsman before turing yourself in on a warrant generally speeds up the booking and release process. This is because the jail will know right away that you are being released on bond. Most counties will allow you to turn yourself in at any time and others require you to set a date. This is something that Bail-Florida can help with.

When dealing with warrants, it is always best to have these taken care of immediately. Warrants do not go away. They stay in the system indefinitely. We hear stories all the time of warrants that have been issued for years and the accused does not know about. Then at any random traffic stop is usually when the warrant appears. Take care of it now and avoid situations like this later.

By calling Bail-Florida before you turn yourself in on a warrant will drastically save both you and the jail time. All the necessary paperwork can be filled out beforehand and the booking desk will already be aware of the situation. If you are not sure if you have a warrant, call our office and let us do the rest. Processing times on warrants are usually half the time when posting the bail bond first.

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