Nationwide Bail Bonds

Nationwide Bail Bonds

Nationwide Bail BondsIn most cases, our services can extend to anyone in the United States. We have been offering Nationwide bail bond service for 20 years. If you are or a loved one need a bail bond outside the State of Florida, we can help. Call our office for further assistance. Please have the following information ready.

  1. The Defendants Full Name
  2. Defendants Date of Birth
  3. The date arrested
  4. State and County where they are detained
  5. The amount of the Bail
  6. A Major Credit Card

Nationwide bail bonds will take a bit longer than just local bail bonds. There are quite a few more items that have to be taken into consideration. Each state will have different laws and regulation as pertains to bail bonds. Many states also charge different premium rates as set by the state. The insurance companies in the different sates require different paperwork and payment requirements. Take the state of Virginia for instance, that state is moving towards all premiums have to be submitted to the insurance company first, then dispersed out to the appropriate bondsman. In this case, bail bond payment plans would probably not be feasible.

When ready to post a nationwide bail bond, please have a method of payment in mind. No bail bond can be posted before premium is paid. This is the law in many state and regulated by the insurance companies. Some things to consider about the amount of the premium. The premium amount may range anywhere from 10%-20% depending on the state. A posting fee may be charged for the executing bondsman and/or transportation cost in some cases. Because every case is different, it is hard to say whether any of these fees may be charged. Call us and we'll be able to let you know if any other fees in addition to the premium have to be charged.

When wanting to post bail bonds form state to state, the best thing to do is to be patient. The entire process takes time in itself, the addition transferring bail bonds to other states will definitely add some more time. The best way to go is to just get the process started. The longer you wait to call our office the longer it will be for the release of the defendant. When you call our office, we will immediately begin working on your situation.