Federal Bail Bonds

Federal Bail Bonds in Florida

Federal Bail Bond Information

  • 15% Premium on all Federal Bail Bonds
  • Federal Bail Bonds may require a Nebbia

In addition to many types of bail bonds we can assist you with, Federal Bail bonds is one of our specialties. There are some things you have to know about Federal Bail Bonds that are different than the usual State or County Bail Bonds.

Federal Inmate Lookup
You can use the Federal Inmate lookup, however you have to be very specific with the first and last name. You will get better search results if you you have the inmates ID Number. This system is not as updated as some of the local Florida County inmate search options. If you still need assistance, please call our office and we can take it from there.

Because Federal Bonds are higher risk, a higher premium is required in order to post a Federal Bond. A premium rate of 15% is standard in the state of Florida for Federal Bonds.

In most Federal Bail bond cases, a nebbia hearing may be required. A Nebbia is simply when you must show the courts that the premium and any collateral has come from a legitimate or legal source.

If you are in need of a Federal bond, we can help. Over 20 years in Federal Bail bond experience, we will prepare all required paperwork for you and your legal representative Call us now so we can get to work immediately for you.

Look up a Federal Court House in Florida. This will provide you with addresses and phone numbers of these building and services.

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