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The Lee County Bail Bond Process Made Easy

 (How to Bond a Loved One Out of Jail from Your Couch)

 If a loved one is in jail, everything will feel difficult.  That is everything but for the Bail Bond process.  When you use Bail by Phone, it’s easy.  Really.

 In fact, you can be sitting on your couch in your jammies when you start the process to get your loved one out of jail.  And – you can stay there, while your Bail Bond Service does all the work. 

 How to Bond a Loved One Out of Jail from Your Couch

 There are three things you need to do – and that’s all.

  • Call Bail by Phone at 877-422-4599, any time of the day or night.


  • Provide detainee and arrest information.


  • Provide payment information.


What Our Lee County Bail Bond Service Does For You

  • Takes your call 24/7/365 and answers all of your questions – privately – and free of charge – without obligation.


  • Researches to fill in any missing, but required, detainee or arrest information.


  • Fills out and files all the required bail release forms, electronically.


  • Handles all communications with the jail.


  • Puts up 100% of the bail money. 


  • Gets your loved one out of jail (likely faster than you could).


 How to Determine the Bail Bond Fee

 There’s no negotiating or shopping around for a lower Bail Bond fee.  All Bail Bond Services are required by law to charge the same fee.  Most cases require a 10% fee.

  • This means that the Bail Bond fee is 10% of the bail amount, as set by the judge.


  • Sometimes, the case is a federal case or an immigration case.  If so, the fee is then 15% of the bail amount, as set by the judge.


 Example Bail Bond Case - #1

 Sandy’s son, Rick, has been arrested again.  She’s at work and can’t take time off to go to the jail and bail him out, yet she wants him home ASAP.

 Sandy has the Bail by Phone number is her cell phone (877-422-4599). 

 The Service already has Rick’s information in their system and Sandy explains the latest situation and provides her credit card information.  The entire phone call takes less than 5 minutes.

 Rick is release a few hours later and is home before Sandy is home from work.

 Example Bail Bond Case - #2

 Liza calls her sister, Kathy, in the middle of the night.  She’s just been arrested and the judge will be setting bail shortly.

 Liza asks Kathy to bail her out of jail, but Kathy doesn’t have the money and doesn’t want to deal with the jail. 

 Kathy does her due diligence and finds Bail by Phone – Bail Bonds (877-422-4599).  Kathy calls immediately and is relieved when the phone is answered, even though it’s 2am. 

 Kathy provides Liza’s name, birthdate, the charges, and the name of the jail.  She doesn’t yet know the bail amount and doesn’t think Liza has a criminal history – but, after tonight’s phone call, she’s not so sure.

 The Bail Bonds Service does a criminal history check and contacts the jail to get the bail amount and other information to complete the required bail forms.

 They file the forms and put up the full bail amount, $15,000.

 More Free Lee County Bail Bonding Information

 This article describes the Bail Bond process, but invite you to call 24/7/365 and to get any and all of your Bail Bond questions answered free of charge.  Call 877-422-4599 now.


If a friend or loved one has been detained in Lee County Florida, we can help. bailfl.net has bondsman available to assist you. Contact our office at 1-877-422-4599

How to begin the bail bond process in Lee County?
To start a Lee County Florida Bail Bond, please supply us with the following information. If you are missing, or do not have all of the information, don't worry. Call us and we can help.

  1. The Defendants Full Name
  2. Defendants Date of Birth
  3. The date arrested
  4. The amount of the Bail
  5. A Major Credit Card

If you are not located in Lee County, we will be happy to start the "Bail by Phone" process with you. We accept all major credit cards and also Western Union money transfers. Our offices are open 24/7, and a licensed bail bond agent is always on duty.

Lee county Jail Information

2115 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Lee County Ortiz Facilities
Core, Stockade and CPU
2501 Ortiz Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33905
(239) 477-1700

Lee county Sheriffs office

14750 Six Mile Cypress Parkway
Fort Myers, FL. 33912-4406
(239) 477-1000

Sheriff: Michael J. Scott
County Seat: Fort Myers