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If a friend or loved one has been detained in Citrus County Florida, we can help. has bondsman available to assist you. Contact our office today

How to begin the release process in Citrus County?
To start a Citrus County Florida Bail Bond, please supply us with the following information. If you are missing, or do not have all of the information, don't worry. Call us and we can help. We will contact our Citrus County Bail Bondsman as soon as you call us.

  1. The Defendants Full Name
  2. Defendants Date of Birth
  3. The date arrested
  4. The amount of the Bail
  5. A Major Credit Card

If you are not located in Citrus County, we will be happy to start the "Bail by Phone" process with you. We accept all major credit cards and also Western Union money transfers. Our offices are open 24/7, and a licensed bail bond agent is always on duty.

Citrus County is located on the west coast of Florida. The county seat in Citrus count is Inverness. Citrus county population is just over 134,000 people with the majority living in Inverness and Crystal River. No online inmate search is available so we will need to contact the jail directly. Bail Bondsman can sometimes get more in depth information so it is best to call our office and let us provide the service for you. The Citrus County jail is located in Lacanto Florida, not Inverness. Please see the map below if you are making travel arrangements for the defendant after he/she is bonded out.

Sheriff: Jeffrey J. Dawsy
County Seat: Inverness

For Immediate Bail Bonds in Citrus County , Call our office

Citrus County Bail Bonds

Citrus county Jail Information

2604 W. Woodland Ridge Drive
Lecanto, Fl 34461

Citrus county Sheriffs office

1 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Avenue
Inverness, FL 34450-4994