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Welcome to our website! We have created Bushnell Bail Bonds website with our customer’s convenience in mind. Whether you’re a new or returning customer we feel it’s important to have the basic facts about the bail bond industry available at your finger tips. Bushnell Bail Bondsmen believe it’s our responsibility to keep the residence of Florida up to date and informed on our business and how the bail bond business works. Another reason why we created this site is to show why using our bail bondsmen is the best choice you could make when obtaining the services of a bail bond agent. We pride ourselves on being one of the best bail bond agencies in Florida and will handle each case with pride and discretion. Our bail bondsmen have over 20 years experience in the bail bond industry and have a vast knowledge in State bail bonds, Federal bail bonds and Immigration bail bonds.

There is nothing worse than hiring a bail bond agent than to find out to late that they have no experience or knowledge in business or have no on the job experience. This could cause delays and frustration to all concerned and is an added stress you do not need at this time. With our bail bond agents you never need to worry about such circumstances, our customers are completely satisfied with our service and have written many testimonials that can be viewed right here on our site! We our the bail bondsmen that care and this you can count on. We guarantee our work with 100% confidence that your loved one will be released as quickly and painlessly as possible.

To get the process going, please have the following information available for your bail bondsman when calling:

  • Defendants Full Name
  • Defendants Date of Birth
  • Nature of Arrest
  • Location of Arrest
  • Amount of Bail
  • Payment Method

Bushnell Bail Bond Agency accepts all major credit cards and western union for your payment convenience.

Commonly Asked Questions:
Q - Why do you need a bail bondsman? Why can’t you post the bail yourself?
A – Using Bushnell Bail bondsmen is cost effective for you and its less time consuming for the process. When paying a bail on your own you would need 100% of the total bail sent by the courts which could be quite expensive. When hiring our bail bondsmen you will only need 10% of the total bail which is a 90% savings to you! And we take care of all the paper work and leg work for you.

Q – Why do some bails need collateral?
A – State and County bail bonds usually do not need collateral unless certain circumstances warrant otherwise, like extremely high bond, high flight risk or sometimes the “nature” of the crime will warrant precaution.

If you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call today and speak with a Bushnell bail bondsman and we thank you for visiting our website and look forward to servicing your bail bond needs..

Information for Bushnell Florida Bail Bondsman

  • County – Sumter Florida
  • Location – Central Florida
  • Population – 2,119
  • Area – 2.4 sq. miles
  • Surrounding areas – Center Hill Florida, Coleman Florida, Wildwood Florida



Bushnell county Jail Information

219 E Anderson Ave
Bushnell, FL. 33513

Bushnell county Sheriffs office

1010 N. Main St.
Bushnell, Fl. 33513