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Welcome to our website! When you’re in need of a qualified and respectable bail bond agency, let Bristol bail bond company be the one your call on for all your bail bond needs! Bristol Bail Bonds would like to help resolve your bail bond needs and get you through the process as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We understand your situation we have seen it time and time again in the 20 years we have been servicing the residents of the State of Florida, so you are in good hands with our bondsmen and we will guarantee your satisfaction with pride and confidence.

Our bondsmen are certified in the State of Florida and have vast on the job experience in all areas of the bail bond business. Our bondsmen are available 24/7; 365 days a year because we understand the need for a bondsman may come at any time day or night and we want to provide a service you can count on. We are available to answer any and all your questions or concerns and have created this website with our customers convenience in mind hoping to elevate some stress and worries during this trying time. Whether you are in need of a Bristol bail bondsmen or are just looking for answers to questions or concerns we are always happy to help and will gladly take your call.

If the time arises and you are in need of an honest and reliable bondsmen please have the following information available when calling our toll free number. This required information will ensure the timely release of your loved one by making the process go quickly and efficiently. If any of the below information is not available to you, do not hesitate to call. Our bondsmen will be more than happy to assist you in acquiring this needed info.

Information needed when calling:

  • Full name of defendant
  • Birth date & year of defendant
  • Location of arrest
  • Nature of arrest
  • Amount of bail
  • Payment information

Bristol Bail Bonds accepts major credit cards and western union for your convenience.

This website includes an FAQ section where most of your questions may be answered, but below we have addressed a couple of commonly asked concerns for your convenience. If you still have more concerns or questions, feel free to call our toll free number and speak with a “live” bondsmen anytime!

Commonly asked Questions:
Q. Why do I need a Bail Bond Agency?
A. Posting a bail can be an expensive endeavor if trying to do so yourself without the help of a bondsmen. The courts will insist on 100% of the total bail which could be in the thousands, they would also want it in cash and paid in person. By using Bristol bail bond agency you will only need to pay 10% of the total bail and you can do so right over the phone if you have a major credit card and access to a fax machine! Ask today about our Bail by Phone option if this is of interest to you.

Q. Will I get back the money I use to post a bail?
A.  No, this 10% is our fee for posting the entire bail for you and the defendant and is non-refundable.

Q.  How long does the bail bond process take?
A.  The normal amount of time is usually between 2 to 8 hours, depending on the county and their backlog of cases.
Thank you for visiting Bristol Bail Bond Agency’s website, where all your bail bond needs are met!
Information about Bristol Florida:

  • County – Liberty
  • Population – 910
  • Location – Florida Panhandle
  • Area – 1.6 sq. miles
  • Surrounding area – Sumatra Florida


Bristol county Sheriffs office

12499 NW Pogo St
Bristol, Florida 32321
Phone: (850) 643-2235