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Welcome to our website! Are you in need of a quality bail bondsmen? Has someone you care about been detained by law enforcement and has called upon you to bail them out? If you’re reading these questions we are pretty sure the answers are yes to both and we are pleased to have the opportunity to assist you in your bail bond needs. Arcadia Bail Bond Agency has been serving the residents of Florida for over 20 years with competent, efficient and discreet bondsmen who are compassionate to your needs and will happily walk you through this unsettling time. Posting a bail for someone is not an everyday occurrence and we understand the stress and concerns you may have about the entire situation. So we have created this website in order to help you, “the customer”, gain valuable information which will help you make the correct decisions in all your bail bond needs.

What can you expect when making your first call to Arcadia Bail Bonds?
First thing you will experience is how are phones are answered, by a real live bondsman! No recordings or automated service will be found at Arcadia Bail Bonds, just friendly bondsmen who are happy to assist you in all your bail bond needs. When calling the bondsmen will take some needed information from you which is needed to start the bail bond process. Listed below are those needed pieces of information:

  • Full Name of Detainee
  • Date of Birth of Detainee
  • Nature of Arrest
  • Location of Arrest
  • Amount of Bail
  • Payment Informatio
  • Arcadia Bail Bonds Agency accepts all major credit cards and western union for your payment convenience.Bail Bondsmen Arcadia

Sheriffs Office
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Arcadia, Florida 34266

We also have a Bail by Phone option which has been added to our services for those who are not from the immediate area of where your loved one is being detained. By using this option you can start and complete the entire process of posting a bail right over the phone! You would need a major credit card and access to a fax machine along with the needed information listed above, and that’s it! If you would like to know more about this option, please ask the bail bondsman when calling for assistance with our Bail by Phone option.

What services does Arcadia Bondsmen offer?
Experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of the bail bond business we can offer assistance in the following areas:

  • State & County Bail Bonds
  • Nationwide Bail Bonds
  • Immigration Bail Bonds
  • Federal Bail Bonds

Call today and find out how we can help you!

Below are some commonly asked questions that will help you in educating yourself in the bail bond process. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to servicing all your bail bond needs.

Commonly asked questions:
Q – How much will it cost me to post a bail?
A - 10% of the total bail will be required to gain release of your loved one. If paying without a bail bondsman it will cost you 100% of total bail, in cash and in person. So by using a bail bondsman you will save yourself 90% of the total bail and the time and travel it would take to pay in person.

Q – How long does the process take?
A – Once the process has begun, it will take between 2 and 8 hours for your loved one to be released, depending on the county and its backlog of cases.

Information about Arcadia Florida

  • County – DeSoto
  • Population – 7,220
  • Area – 10.5 sq miles
  • Location – South Central Florida
  • Historic Event – Hurricane Charley in 2004 devastated the area