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Welcome to our website! Searching for a bail bond agency through the internet is no one’s idea of a good time, it obviously means that someone you care for is in a bind and has asked for you help. This website has been created for you, our residents of the State of Florida to help guide you to the best possible agency [ours] that will take care of you and yours in a respectable and inexpensive manner. The more you understand about our business and how the bail bond process works the more comfortable you will feel about this unwanted situation. Let our bondsmen help make the best of a bad situation and offer our assistance which will be extremely valuable in taking the stress of you and accomplishing your goal of getting your loved one released from jail. Knowledge in any situation is always beneficial even when posting a bail, so browse our website and educated yourself with our FAQ section which will help you make the most informed and important decisions.

What you can expect from Apalachicola Bail Bondsmen:

  • Over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the bail bond industry
  • Available 24/7 [including weekends & Holidays]
  • 100% confidentiality
  • An inexpensive option compared to paying the entire bail by yourself, only 10% is needed of the total bail amount when using our bond agency, that’s a 90% savings to you!
  • Timely release of your family member, loved one or friend from detainment
  • Safe, secure and available is 3 of our main goals in the bail bond business
  • Friendly & Knowledgeable & Discreet Bondsman
  • Easy payment options
  • Bail by phone option
  • Fast response time

Apalachicola Bail Bonds have worked hard and long to build their reputation in Florida as the best bail bond agency available and we stand proud of our accomplishments and it shows in our work and our respect for the customers. Our bondsmen are available to you, the customer, any time day or night because we understand that situations arise without a time table and we are prepared to answer the call when needed. Our bondsmen are vastly experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of the bail bond business and can offer our assistance in the following areas:

  • State & County Bail Bonds
  • Federal Bail Bonds
  • Nationwide Bail Bonds
  • Immigration Bail Bonds

When calling our bail bond agency for assistance please have the following information available for our bondsman if possible. If you can not supply the needed info, do not hesitate to call our bondsmen will be happy to assist in getting this info for you.

  • Detainee’s Full Name
  • Detainee’s Birth date
  • Location of arrest
  • Nature of arrest
  • Amount of bond
  • Payment information [we accept major credit cards and western union]

We look forward to assisting you in all your bail bond needs and bring home your loved one safely, securely and inexpensively! Below are a couple of commonly asked questions to help get you started with understanding this process.

Commonly Asked Questions:
Q – How much will posting a bail cost me?
A – 10% of the total bail is our charge to assist in obtaining the release of the detainee. This is our fee and is non refundable. Paying a bail without the assistance of bondsmen would cost you 100% of the total bail set by the courts which you would also have to pay in person and in cash. So by using a bail bondsman you are saving yourself money and time.

Q – What is our Bail by Phone Option?
A - When someone in your family is detained by law enforcement in a different area than you precious time can be saved by calling our toll free number and requesting a Bail by Phone service. This gives you the option to stay home and still bail out your loved one! With this option all you need is a major credit card and access to a fax machine and the complete process can be done over the phone with no traveling needed! Call today and ask our bondsman about this convenient option today!

Information about Apalachicola Florida Bonding

  • County – Franklin Florida
  • Location – 80 miles Southwest of Tallahassee Florida, in the Southern section of the Panhandle.
  • Population – 2,440
  • Area – 2.7 square miles

Thank you for visiting our bail bond website, where all your bail bond needs are met!


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