Florida Bail Bond Process

The Bail Bond Process in Florida

The bail bond process is different for all counties in Florida. Each county will have their own way of handling inmate releases. Some counties are quick in releasing process, and other take up to 12 hours. No bail bond agency can speed up the release process. Other bail bond agencies will claim they have the fastest service, but in reality, they have no control over this process.

Below is a step by step procedure that, if followed, will be the most efficient way to get someone out of jail.

  1. First things first, we need some information. Call is with the arrestees name, date of birth, which county they are being detained in. Once we have this information, we can know look up all other information pertaining to this individual. We will also ask you a few questions also. Be sure that the person who is going to be the Indemnitor (the person responsible for the arrestee) is the person that we speak with through the process. If this is not an option at the time, we can make other arrangements.

  2. Once one of our bail bond agents gets all the required information on the arrestee, we can start the required bond forms with the indemnitor. Many of these forms can be downloaded from our site. If you are local to the area in which you need someone out of jail, you may be required to come to the local office for further assistance. All required forms must be filled out by the indemnitor and faxed back to our office. A copy of your drivers license and credit card (if applicable) will also need to be faxed to us. Once we have all paperwork in order, we can now post the bond.

  3. Once the bond has been posted and the defendant released, the defendant may be required to fill out additional paperwork. The defendant will then be released into the custody of the Indemnitor. Both the indemnitor and the bail bond agency is responsible for his/her appearance in court each and every time they are ordered to do so until the case has been disposed and the bail bond is discharged.

  4. After the case is over and the bond is discharged, any collateral (minus any fees) is returned to the indemnitor. No collateral will be released until we have the discharge from the court and all money has been paid.

This all sounds like a ton of work, but the entire bail bond process, from the initial call to the release of the defendant from jail, usually takes about 5 hours. The majority the time is waiting for the defendant to be released from jail. All paperwork usually takes about 30-45 minutes. Please see our Bail Bond FAQ for other important information.

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