Become a Bail Bondsman

How to become a Florida Bail Bondsman

To acquire a bail bond license in the State of Florida is becoming more and more difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort to obtain one of these licenses. Here is a common misconception we here all the time:

"All I want to do is bounty hunt so I do not need a Bail Bond License!"
This is untrue. Bounty Hunting is illegal in Florida. Any persons who wants to so called "Bounty Hunt", must have a Florida Bail Bond License.

There are five things you must complete in order to get a License. Fist off, we suggest you first see if you are qualified to get a license. Call the Florida Department of Financial Services for find out more information on the qualifications, 850-413-3137 ext. 1101. Once you know you are qualified you can start here. Listed are the requirements to obtain a Florida Bail Bond License:

  1. You must pass the Florida State approved 120 hour licence coarse. This is usually a 2 or 3 week long course discussing all the rules, laws, and statutes as it pertains to the bail bond industry. This class is made up of instructors in the fields of Law, Law Enforcement, Insurance Agents, Bail Bond Agents, CPA, and more. After the class, you must pass the state approved final examination to get you class certification. You can visit FSAA for information about class schedules.

  2. Next, you must successfully pass a correspondence coarse offered by the University of Florida. The fee for this is around $300 and includes the coarse manual. When inquiring about this to the state of Florida, let them know you need to register for the INS 3 - Bail & Bail Bond Insurance in Florida. Listed are the numbers you need to get registered for this coarse, 352-392-1711. Please make note that both 1 and 2 of the Bail Bond License procedure can be taken together.

  3. You must know request a Limited Surety Agent Temporary license form from the Department of Financial Services. This is the time you will need to get your fingerprints submitted, criminal history record, and any fees that associated with this application process. Call the DFS department of Agents and Agent Licensing at (850) 413-3137, Ext. 1101 if you have any question regarding this application process.

  4. Now for the long part of the license. Now that you are registered with the State of Florida as a Temporary Bail Bond Agent, you must complete one (1) year of internship under the close supervision of a licensed Bail Bond Agent. This involve 52 weeks at 30 hours per week. The agent with whom you are appointed to must submit monthly hours to the department for review.

  5. Lastly, now it is time for you examination. This is done the the Promissory Testing center located all around Florida. You can schedule a test time by calling their offices at 888-274-2020